Last year I decided that I would really dedicate some time to learning to code like a champ. I’ve toyed around with HTML/CSS and even some PHP for years, mostly to customize my many websites dedicated to showcasing my wonderful writing samples. Turns out I spent more time tinkering with the site design and the back-end code than actually writing. Enough time that it had me going “hmmmm… maybe I’m on to something.”

Last year I also decided to relocate. Unsure about where I’d land, but knowing it would likely be the east coast or the south, my coding adventures were temporarily postponed. And then I ended up in Washington, D.C. which turns out to be an incredible hub of tech activity.

After relocating for a job that originally excited me but now leaves me wondering why I continue to make poor employment choices, I’ve decided to go harder in my pursuit of web development. In the event that I decide to leave another job (years of burnout has lowered my threshold for corporate bullshit), I want to develop a trade, a skill, that is not only satisfying and enjoyable, but profitable.

So here I am starting this journey. I know it won’t be easy and part of me is scared that all of this will be for naught. But even then, at least I’ll be able to celebrate the fact that I even tried (yes that is the life coach/inspirational person voice I have to keep in my head to get through the days).

I spent months and months researching, questioning whether I was too old (smh) and doubting myself. I found other blogs by people grappling with the same issues & concerns and also found some inspiration. Gathering resources helps feed my confidence and starve the fear. I have bookmarks upon bookmarks of free online resources. I mean if I had the money, yes I would be joining someone’s bootcamp. I’ve joined so many meetup groups (and thank God for them) hoping to connect with fellow coders and maybe potential employers. But at the end of the day, I just have to get down to writing code.

Let’s begin.


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