This week was very lowkey as far as activity. I plan to actually have assignment-based goals for next week as I kind of fell off for a bit due to a number of personal things I needed to complete. Either way, below is a list of the what I completed this week.

  • I attended a beginners JavaScript session with Women Who Code DC and made a form button interactive.
  • Complete the JavaScript course (finally!)
  • Unrelated: I completed a portion of the JS course during the free weekend they hosted a few weeks ago.
  • Attended an Intro to Git/GitHub course… (more details here!).
  • Set-up Git/GitHub Desktop + Netbeans IDE on my computer (I recently installed the Windows 10 OS so I spent a good portion of my week re-configuring everything – I love fresh starts!).
  • Set-up WAMP for WordPress development projects
Plans for next week:
  • Plan on starting the Freecodecamp curriculum (finally!)
  • Finish reading Eloquent JavaScript
  • I’ll resume Python lessons with HearMeCode – Lesson 2

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