Got unnecessarily busy towards the end of the last week so I was not able to log my activities for the week, but here they are!

Self-paced coding activities:
  • Completed the HTML5/CSS section of
  • Completed the Responsive Design w/Bootstrap exercises on
Reading Materials
Coding Meetups/Events:
  • Attended Lesson 2 Python class with the HearMeCode group! Working through playtime activities in preparation for Lesson 3.
  • Attended a WomenWhoCode DC Front End Lab tech talk called Intro to APIs. I will write about it later.
  • Attended DCFemTech Awards Ceremony honoring women in development & design. Met some amazing folks there.
Plans for next week:
  • Working through the following FreeCodeCamp sections: jQuery, Basic Front End Projects, and JavaScript curriculum.
  • Begin working on portfolio site & projects, which includes: setting-up a sub-domain, creating a site for it, prospecting for pro bono projects, and starting the work!

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