This week in coding… I went down the DevTips Youtube rabbit hole and loved everything I watched. Some of my favorite videos include:

This is a reminder that I just need to create version 1 of my portfolio and stop obsessing over whether it will be THE ONE to make or break my career.

I loved this one because it kind of confirmed my thoughts on CSS Frameworks outlined here… it took me a week to figure out what CSS Frameworks are. I’m not staunchly against them now, but given my level of comfort with the fundamentals I’m okay sticking with that until the need to prototype quickly becomes a priority.

As I’m typing this all, I’m just thinking about how exhausted I am but I’ve only begun.  Unfortunately, this week I didn’t actually work on my portfolio or WordPress boilerplate at all. I was so focused on trying to finish this course and sort of tidy up my resources. I’m one of those people who can’t function unless everything is organized and things have gotten a little messy over the past few weeks of lax study.

Self-paced coding training and/or activities:
Good Reads & Resources:
  • None this week
Plans for next week:
  • Continue working on WordPress boilerplate
  • Create skeleton of my starter portfolio
  • Resume PracticalJS to-do list app creation
  • Play around with Atom text editor (I’ve been trying out other editors. Right now I’m currently using Notepad++ for random editing and NetBeans for almost everything else.)

PS: my reading list is smaller now, mostly I overwhelm myself sometimes with too many resources so I’m trying to trim that fat.

2 comments on “This Week in Coding: #006

    1. I’m sort of in a career transition period where it feels like I’m starting from nothing but I’m really not, in terms of knowledge or support, but sometimes we really take stock of our resources, or underestimate their significance. The idea that a lot of the concern around “starting with nothing” is rooted in fear of others’ judgement if our expected outcome never materializes. I also watched the video linked in the article and recalled mention of how we attach our self-worth to outcomes which hinders our abilities to do things that we’d like to. As noted, if you’re starting from nothing then you have nothing to lose. I chatted with friends about this once and we noticed those people who really had nothing to lose took the greatest risks. It’s the folks with very little (materially and financially) or so much that it’s “failure” won’t stop them. I think if you’ve been raised to do things a certain way expecting certain outcomes as a result of all of your hardwork, any deviation from that plan is scary. The things you have “to lose” are the trappings that make people feel accomplished even if they are not and even the thought of the lose of that illusion is debilitating for some. The post was positive reinforcement for me.

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