Confession: I’m a recovering perfectionist. I try to get everything just right the first time and that hold me back a lot. For example, I’ve worked on my WordPress boilerplate for the last few weeks and yes it’s a boilerplate that I should use for other projects but having not completed it is sort of holding me back. I could always improve it in later iterations but the way my brain works doesn’t allow that sort of thinking, so I’m trying to unlearn it.

I mentioned that because I think (know) trying to get everything perfect the first time is hindering my ability to really get a portfolio out there. Unlearning this behavior is a process. Here is a quote from a article which sums up something I’m trying to prioritize getting a portfolio up.

Use an iterative design approach. Don’t spend time trying to make code perfect before you’ve spent time trying to make the code work. You’ll never, ever get it right completely in your head. You have to get those fingers banging on a keyboard and produce code that runs and does what’s expected. The problem is that developers tend to make one of two common mistakes; either they spend too much time thinking and not enough time actually doing, or they don’t spend enough time improving their first solution. Follow the mantra first stated by Kent Beck: “make it work, make it right, make it fast” — and in that order.

Self-paced coding training and/or activities:
  • Resumed FreeCodeCamp curriculum: Basic JavaScript. I completed this section and it was challenging. I waited until I finished this section before posting my update.
Good Reads & Resources:
  • n/a – I exercised twice this week though 🙂
Plans for next week:
  • Create skeleton of my starter portfolio
  • Resume work on fine tuning my WordPress boilerplate
  • Continue FreeCodeCamp curriculum: Object Oriented and Functional Programming
  • Continue PracticalJS to-do app modules

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