This week was very weird, I had a very difficult time focusing, despite staying posted in the library everyday for 6 hours. On a personal note, I was tired as hell and couldn’t figure out why. On a professional note, I started it off spending my entire Monday applying for jobs, some media (a girl has to pay her bills) and some development (a girl has to pay her bills). I might start making that part of my routine, front-loading those “administrative” activities I’m dreading. It really took the entire day. I created two additional versions (well sort of refined) of my resume with some of my development skills and tried to mold it for each job. Received two calls but nothing significant yet…

Self-paced coding training and/or activities:
  • WordPress: Building Themes from Scratch Using Underscores – I completed this last year also but it was updated with a new theme so I decided to see if there was anything new I could learn. Ended up going own a little rabbit hole, figuring out the difference between functions, template tags and custom template tags. Also learned there is a new PHP syntax which I figured out while also learning how to compare repos I’ve forked to the original (in this case the Underscores WordPress Theme repo). So many lessons!
  • WordPress: Building a One-Page Style Site

** both of these are helpful with getting up to date on best practices for some of the things I’m planning for my starter portfolio.

Good Reads & Resources:
  • Not sure if I included this before, but I’ve struggled with not confusing myself with Sass nesting with regard to unordered lists and navigation. I had this bookmarked and remember reading to limit levels. Thankfully I found some great explanations as to why this is in the comments section. Check it out: Sass Style Guide.
  • Should I use Grid or Flexbox? **stumble across this after a search that went something like, “flexbox vs. grid” LOL
  • n/a
Plans for next week:
  • Complete v0.5 of my starter portfolio + blog redesign
  • Refine my WordPress boilerplate
  • Resume FreeCodeCamp and my PracticalJS activities (hopefully I can get to this, the portfolio and boilerplate might take up all of my time).

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