I am still working on my portfolio. If nothing else, this process has helped me understand all of the moving parts of this web development/design process. I spent a lot of time this week working through various Illustrator tutorials. A few months ago, I did the same thing with Firework (a program no longer in development). I’m sort of figuring out what type of workflow I’d like to have and the only way to do that is by actually doing it. In this process I’ve started to really enjoy the Illustrator interface and functionality for wireframing and most importantly for logos.

I started out using Photoshop many many years ago, learned InDesign in H.S. as the Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper, and I sometimes peeked into Illustrator. Thanks to Lynda.com I’m up and running and comfortable using it. I’m hoping this will be helpful further down the line as I pursue freelancing opportunities that might involve light illustration/logo work. I spent a significant amount of time this week working on the brand identity for my site. I’m finalizing a logo and still narrowing down the color palette.

I could literally just put together a site without all of this but I think it’s a valuable experience to have now.

I also took a little break for myself when I started feeling overwhelmed by everything (life + coding). I used that time to read a new book, organize/sort/delete bookmarks I’ve collected as a result of my learning. Being able to do this gave me a better idea of what resources I have at my disposal for any upcoming projects and how to find them (before they were haphazardly thrown into various bookmark directories).

None of this is actual coding. But I’m getting there lol.

Self-paced coding training and/or activities:
  • Select chapters of Illustrator for Web Design
  • Select chapters of Up and Running with Illustrator CS6
Good Reads & Resources:
  • n/a
Plans for next week:
  • Ok.. seriously complete my portfolio. Stop playing lol

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