It has been so long since I’ve properly blogged and so much has happened during this super long break.

I purchased this new domain at the start of the month just because I liked the idea of separating my programming notes on learning, etc from my portfolio and potential client-focused site. I’ve been doing a lot of coding and note-taking and for the most part I’m storing everything in markdown files on my computer and sometimes uploading them to my Github account. But ideally, I’d like to have everything also on a blog, so here it is!

I’ve migrated all of the content from the blog on onto That required updating links and images and luckily I don’t already have a ton of existing posts because that task would take so much longer.

I’ve resumed my studies. Job searching is a soul draining experience and unfortunately has made it difficult for me to keep up with the learning pace I’d like but I’m still committed. You can find what online modules, tutorials and courses I’m currently taking in the “Curriculum” section (once it is updated).

I also launched a general professional site,, and that will eventually point to all of my online residences. Right now it’s just a static site built with Nunjucks templates, everything coded from scratch except for the JavaScript navigation menu. I’m excited about this fresh start and sharing everything I’ve been up to.

Since I’ve been gone, I’ve learned so much including:
  • About JavaScript templating. I decided on Nunjucks to start my projects
  • How to use gulp and npm for a more efficient development process. This time last year, I didn’t even think I’d ever get to learning these tools, but here I am!
  • Improved my command line proficiency. I’m regularly using Git to commit changes and then push them to Github. I’m also able to use it for navigating my computer. This is a lot of progress compared to last year when I didn’t know what Grunt was lol.
  • I discovered Browsersync’s amazingness
  • I’ve learned about other awesome content management systems like GRAV, which I hope to try out in the upcoming months.

I spend a lot of time working on projects and learning new concepts but I know I don’t give myself enough credit for these activities that are building into larger outcomes, which is one reason why I wrote this post. It’s also why I listed a few other activities I’ve completed in recent days/weeks that may not all be classified as “programming work” but is somewhat related.

  • Converted my content on the WordPress blog to Markdown for usage on GRAV CMS, this involved researching the necessary plugins
  • Designed variations of logos for
  • Created a prototype of the “Coming Soon” Landing Page
  • Updated my lemonade-wp starter theme, my favorite work in progress and pushed the changes to Github (I use this repo to initialize any new custom wordpress projects I start working on)
  • I created a prototype for Akudo.Codes and selected fonts for the blog.

Yay for productivity and learning! I have so many other exciting things happening in my life and I can’t wait to share them here.

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