Sooo I took a long unexpected break from this site and so many other projects. I neglected this site I created during a time when I was struggling to manage work responsibilities and life, which sucks because this site was conceived as a way to get me to the next phase of my career and it sort of did, but not quite. So I’m back! Like I never left a whole two years ago.

But it is the exact same site… I unearthed the theme files and site backup from my portable hard drive. I barely got any mileage out of this theme I created myself (thank you very much) and it has so much potential for improvement. Over the next few weeks I will be doing some housekeeping, so expect new content and new categories of content summarized below:

  • Starter Packs: Helper posts/tutorials that I’ve written to get up and running. Since I neglected my local development environment for so long, I had to re-learn so many things and reference lots of old readme files I created with the intention of posting on my GitHub or on the site … and never did. But new content is on the way
  • Weekly Updates: General updates on any activity I did during the week. I’ve tried my hand at 100 days of code & honestly it doesn’t fit with my life priorities but I’d love to. This is more manageable.
  • Snippets: Just quick code snippets that I hope are helpful to someone because the main reason I’ll even bother posting the snippet is because it took forever to find or figure out.
  • Code Reviews: The description is in the name …reviews of new tech I’ve tried.
  • Meetups and Events: Educational and social outings
  • Notes: Everything else!

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