It has been a minute since I’ve done this but it is time to ramp back up. I love learning new stuff so I don’t think I could ever phase out this series of blog posts. I also like to keep track of everything I’m doing, especially when it is time to do a retrospective.

This week my brain was very scattered so I had a hard time focusing my attention on one particular thing, but managed to still be productive. A few things I covered:

  • SVGs and responsive logos
  • Adobe Illustrator tips for faster prototyping. I watched this video & this video on creating global colors and symbols, and a few other helpful things.

Project Progress:

  • Started creating a prototype for my personal blog in Adobe Illustrator
  • Completed 18/25 of the CSS Grid videos, so I’ve covered the fundamentals. Using the Firefox Developer browser (which is my primary development browser) has been helpful with understanding how things are placed on the grid. I took a CSS Grid course either last year or in 2016 and it was helpful but none of the browser had enough support for the course to be useful at the time so this was very useful.
  • Added Google Analytics to the site. I’ll have to do more research on how to configure everything properly but I’d like to know if anyone finds what I write useful. I’ll still writing if it is just me, but I’d still like to know.
  • Added syntax highlighting using to this site. Not sure why I never got around to it previously. Maybe this time I spent just more time reading documentation to not frustrate myself. Some resources I read before diving in are below (some are dated, but still helpful):

Reading Material:

  • Prototypes and production: In this post, the author explores the different mindsets needed to complete prototype tasks vs production tasks. Very helpful way of framing “progress over perfection” for development but also cautioning against using prototypes as the foundation for production work (and the costs associated with that decision).
  • What makes a good front-end developer? This post highlights the qualities folks should look for in front-end developers and the ones front-end developers should focus on.

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