For the first time in years I took almost 2 weeks off from my day job. It felt so short but it was long enough to completely ruin my daily routines: my coding practices, writing plans, and sleep schedule. I’m slowly getting back to that routine. So what I thought would be a 2-week break turned into 4 weeks and to avoid a longer absence, I’m sharing this update. This week in coding was all about planning at least for this 1st quarter of the year, breaking down each project into smaller tasks to chip away at whenever I have time to devote to it. Balancing priorities has been a challenge but I’m committed to making this more than a project, but part of my routine.

A few things I’d like to focus on, not just this quarter but throughout the year are:

  • Bash: becoming commandline competent, familiarizing myself with the language, learning more about scripting, etc
  • JavaScript: a refresher course & projects. I want to get back to being just as fluent as I was in 2017 when I completed my General Assembly course
  • Vue.js: There is so much new technology that I’d like to try and I’ve heard so many good things about this and I want to give it a spin
  • Python: It was the first language I started learning when I relocated, thanks to Hear Me Code. Since I’ve been tackling JavaScript over the years I think it is time to dip my toes into a new pool
  • CSS Animations: CSS (and HTML) have changed so much over the years and I’d like to give them a spin
  • AWS: cloud computing – what is it, why use it, and how?

Project Ideas:

  • A new persona/professional landing page
  • Relaunch my personal blog
  • Develop a fun application with Vue.js
  • Customizing my terminal. I’m still using (and love) Windows Ubuntu, also known as WSL.

Reading Material:

  • The End of the Ad-Supported Web: This article touches on the history of ads in the digital landscape, the obstacles currently faced by publishers & vendors and explores if it is even a meaningful way to measure value. “Ads are not viable anymore for most web creation. They are now becoming less delivered, less relevant, and even less profitable as well as increasingly more detrimental to the whole web ecosystem.”
  • Gutenberg’s Accessibility Issues: I have not been following the development of this new feature so I was not aware of all of the drama leading up to it’s ship date, especially with regard to failure to implement accessibility into the design of the product at the onset. This article runs down the issues but ends hopeful that the Automattic team can make things right.

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