I’m actually on PTO and this post is being typed from in the beautiful St. Croix… I may not come back!

But I did find time to catch up on some of my tech reading. I have so many things bookmarked and saved away and honestly I’m sure I won’t get to a lot of it, so I may just delete them to stop myself from getting even a little anxious about how I’ll never read and watch all of these resources that may or may not be relevant to activities I’m focusing on for 2019.

And even though I have not written here in a few weeks, your girl has been working. I’m doing a JavaScript refresher, reviewing arrays and objects and doing a deeper dive into Node.js. Anyway, I’ll get to my favs of the week, excuse the typos, I wanted to get this out since the spirit moved me.

Fav links of the weeks:

  • A refresher on the browser DOM:Simply put, the DOM is “how browsers determine what is rendered on our page and, through JavaScript, is how we can manipulate those elements that are rendered.” The comments section includes info on virtual DOM.
  • Design principles for non-designers:Some of these principles I’ve read before and tried to apply. You know they say stick to a maximum of 2 fonts per site. The visual examples used in this article really helped to frame the advice.
  • Salary negotiation shit: My least fav part of this article is this line “I considered reaching out to successful women to answer the questions, and I still may. But I decided to ask white men in tech because they seem to have the secret to getting higher salaries.” The secret white men have is just being white men and this whole discussion is bullshit without that acknowledgement. Their advice doesn’t mean shit because the rules that they live by don’t apply to anyone else, especially not Black woman. That said… there are useful talking points I can use in my job search but I’m always prepared to be disappointed, which may be the difference between me and my non Black peers. You can read part 1 here.
  • Dating app designers are modern day cupids?:This great article explores some of the design innovations led by dating app designers. I enjoyed reading about how certain common design patterns originated with dating apps and how privacy is a more prominent design decision making tool, considering the recent news with Facebooks and those damn bots.
  • SEO and JavaScript:This video explains Google’s process for crawling and indexing sites and then explains the challenges with indexing JavaScript sites, ones where content is generated by JavaScript after the page is rendered. Since they’re doing these videos I think they’re not saying don’t do it, but sharing the pros/cons, costs, etc of managing SEO with JavaScript sites.

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