Soooo I’ve been slowly chipping away at this project and I’m proud to announce I have a working version I think I can re-purpose for another project (the project this whole thing started for).

I gotta admit, at some point I started wondering why I was bothering with this whole thing, mostly because I used a lot of gulp plugins. But as I progressed, I started finding solutions for things instead of using plugins. Nothing wrong with plugins but this whole project was a lot of tooling with some logic weaved in. Still a great learning experience. I updated my file which says, “this is ready for the world”, although I’ve been pushing my messy updates to a public Github repo for weeks. To think I started this project in January and I’m only a month behind my original schedule.

I still have some updates I’d like to make and will hopefully get to them eventually. It is called the Sans Static Site Generator. Behold an imperfect beauty.

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