Who's that girl?

Hello and welcome to akudo.codes!

I am akudo and I now use this site to not just track my progress with programming things, but to share snippets, lessons, and anything tech related.

I worked in media for 7 years before deciding to pivot onto a different career path to assuage my desires to pursue programming work. I’ve been coding since I was a preteen and maintained my interest long enough to make it my professional goal (and seek professional certifications – shoutout to General Assembly). 

Other important information:

I’m originally from Chicago and once upon a time I wrote semi-regularly at She’s Gotta Write It.com. By day, I’m a digital project manager and by night I do a lot of everything: learning new languages, reading, writing, and sometimes healthy doses of reality TV. I own a lot of nail polishes and lipsticks.

How to reach me?

Email: shesgottadevelopit[at]gmail.com
Twitter: @shesgottaDEVit
Github: @shesgottaDEVELOPit